Sunday, March 11, 2012

Review: Maryland Kayak Fishing Forum

Most of you reading probably recognize me "CB Kayak 02" from the MKF forum or from one of the other forums I frequent. I definitely call MKF my home forum. Not only because I've lived in Maryland my whole 22 years of life, but because I've been on the site almost from the beginning and I've watched the site grow exponentially along with kayak fishing in our region.
So when I joined MKF in July of 2009 I had just purchased an Ocean Kayak Prowler Trident 13. There were about 29 members on the site if I believe correctly. Between now and then I got the Hobie envy very quickly... and have gone through a number of different other kayaks (Hobie Outback, Jackson Coosa, and a 2010 Pro Angler) before I got my newest yellow Hobie Pro Angler this February.

NOW the MKF site has 553 members and is an extremely active forum and a great place to call home. We have organized a monthly Meet & Greet schedule for two years runnings which takes a good portion of of members to new waters that they may have never fished without the guidance of the grou and others that fish there more regularly. The comraderie within our kayak community is awesome, someone is always willing to help with whatever it may be. Although we may not have as many members as some of the larger nationwide forums that I actively participate in like Kayak Bass Fishing, I definitely feel like the wealth of information for our more localized forum is unsurpassed on a regional forum front!!! This really commends all the members that put their time in the keep the site active and very informative, cheers to all of you and especially the orginators.... Grilled Sardine and StoneMason aka Stupidjet!!! Thanks for providing all of us with a home.

The group has grown enough that we have now branched out to start Chesapeake Bay Kayak Anglers, Inc enabling us to provide a local tournament on our home waters of the Chesapeake Bay, near the Bay Bridge, one of the most popular kayak fishing areas.In our first tournament last year we had 37 participants and we believe we can double that this year as we already have 18 registrants and the tournament is not until September 7-9. You can follow the link above for registration!!

Also, one of our member Tom "Medicyaker", just organized and ran a successful flea market to help benefit the start of a new Heroes on the Water Maryland Chapter. He was able to raise over $900 at the 1st year event. We all are looking forward to participating in the HOW events!!

Since I labelled this as a Review, I'll go ahead and give it a score.....

IMO - Maryland Kayak Fishing Forum = 10/10

I think most you already apart of MKF will agree!!


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