Monday, October 29, 2012

Hot Product - Overboard Fishing Rods

These rods are really taking the kayak fishing scene and the whole fishing scene by storm. Take a look and see for yourself. I can't wait to get my hands on my order and I'm pumped to use them during my trip.

They also finished 3rd in this years voting for Kayak Anglers Choice Awards in the Most Innovative Product Category.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fishing Report - 10/20/12 - Let's go on a date..... kayak fishing...

So this weekend I had set up to borrow a Hobie from Backyard Boats in Annapolis, but my roommate bailed on me to go on a work trip to Tampa Bay. So my next option was to see if my girlfirend would be interested in coming along. She had only kayak fished with me once before and it was a short easy trip in the lake. But I knew she could hold her own. She accepted the offer and we headed off to the Eastern Shore of MD to meet up with Tyler (MDfishin) and Cliff (Cliff) who were already out there fishing on Friday.
We greated them at Tylers place as they got off the water pretty late, but they had brought home fish for dinner so that was cool. We had stopped and gotten batter and oil to cook it up. We hung out, shared stories, threw back a few cold ones, then got some shut-eye for a long next day ahead.
Elaina leading the way on the Outback loaned to us by Backyard Boats Annapolis.

Largest of the Day - 20.5"

1st Slot Red Drum

Fishing wasn't Specktacular, but it was decent at times. The fish seemed to be extremely picky with our artificial presentations, but we didn't have any cut bait to offer. Otherwise the weather was amazing so we couldn't really complain!!

Elaina caught a number of fish and caught a keeper speck before Tyler and Cliff got their first fish, so I was a proud boyfriend. She was a real trooper and kept pace with us all day!!

Friend Speck sammmmich with provolone, mayo, and salsa.

DIY - PVC Rod Holders

So, I didn't create this concept by any means. But I'm very happy with how I have adapted them to the Pro Angler. Most of the crew fishing out of Hobie Revos and they have their design pretty much pin pointed.
The obvious differences: PA needs the set up to be wider and needs the 3 vertical rod holders to move forward about 6 inches to allow them to be directly over the raised mold of the kayak. This allows for zero wasted space on the aft storage area.
I used all 1.5" PVC and connector pieces. I chose to have 3 vertical rod holders and two side rod holders for trolling. The Hobie Cart can still fit on the deck with the rod holders in place.
The set-up is bungee'd down to the kayak via padeyes. I do plan to a small piece of PVC underneath the right and left vertical rod holders to provide support and to help keep the rodholders still if a big fish hits while trolling.

Bungee'd down in the back to the existing loops on the PA.

Initially I only glued the PVC together, but after some use the pieces began to come apart. So Pinch had told me he screwed his parts together, so I went ahead and did that for V2. I'm hoping to test the set-up on some large fish while I'm down in Florida and we'll see if it can hold up to the pelagics.

DIY - Pro Angler Cargo Net Seat Pouch

Pieces: 5 padeyes, 10 screws, 5 pieces of bungee, piece of cargo net
This project is pretty self explanatory, but the cargo net is laced in/out with bungee in order to close the pocket on the sides. On the bottom the net is folded and laced with the in/out method.

The top has the double bungee to keep the contents in. I used it this weekend to keep my waders and my rain coat in it... Just in case.

Bungee ends are knotted and burned to prevent fraying.

Hopefully this simple idea give you another option to provide easy storage and use of space that is not normally used.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Product Review - Dizm Polarized ECO Sunglasses

So I have been very lucky to get these opportunities to test out and review some really great products and this is another perfect example!!

Product Details: 


This new material is a 100% renewable and biodegradable plant based material. As opposed to being made from post consumer recycled products, our frames are made from renewable raw materials: cotton, wood and palm oil. WIth the appropriate environmental conditions the frames will decompose into water, carbon dioxide and bio mass. No, they will not decompose on your face!
Dizm ECO Herbie - "Sets the Pace."   $109.95

His classic approach never goes out of style. Sleek lines and timeless design make for everyday wear. Available in an array of sharp colors, Herbie sets the pace for fashion and function.

Handmade RB cellulose acetate 100% renewable & biodegradeable frame, 100% UV protection, Base 6 spherical lens, Polarized PC lens, Stainless steel optical hinges

First and foremost, the people at Dizm are great people. They were very kind to me and to our tournament via donations. The Model I got to test out was the Dizm Eco Herbie. I chose this pair because of the four styles this model fit my face the best and had a completely different look than My Costa Del Mars that I already owned.

I was very happy with the construction of the glasses. They are very well built and feel or look cheap, like some sunglasses do. Overall they are definitely comfortable, but on some longer kayak fishing trips they did start to bother me behind my ears, but that is common for all sunglasses I have ever worn.

The style of these sunglasses is awesome. Not only are they functional, but they look great too. Whether I was wearing them around the town, driving, or while I was fishing they fit the niche.

I was also impressed with the polarized lenses. I wasn't sure how they would compare with my Costa's, but I must say the Dizm's put up a good fight with the sunglass powerhouse. The only thing to me where the Costa's win out is the fact that the lenses brighten up you view and can be worn even on a cloud covered day. The Dizm's have a gray lenses which is darker and makes it more difficult to see in lower light situations like in the evening or when a large cloud completely covers the sun.
Polarization wise I didn't notice any difference in reducing glare or being able to see down into the water column.

Overall I would give these sunglasses a 4 out 5. Mostly because I prefer a lens that will brighten up the view even in low light situations. While fishing if a cloud comes you don't want to have to continuously take your sunglasses on and off to be able to see. But with an MSRP of $109.95 and for half the price of Costa's and Maui Jims they are toatally worth being considered for your next pair of polarized sunglasses.
 I think Dizm makes a great product and I will cotinue to wear my Dizm's for all sorts of tasks and the fact that they are 100% eco friendly is even better!! Please check out Dizm here and follow them on facebook for giveaways and new releases.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Road Trip Preparedness.... Count Down 28 days

As my road trip approaches and is now less than a month away I catch myself everyday thinking about it.

Whether is it dreaming about all the fish I hope to catch, how awesome it will be to just be on the road with my kayak, my car, and my music, or the thinking about what else I need to do to plan and prepare for this trip.

The later is what I have been thinking about the most. I want my plan and trip to be full-proof for success. All my stops, days I plan to fish, days I plan to drive to be all organized and designated for the most part.

One of my most recent purchases was a car GPS, which I think will be a crucial piece of a equipment for a trip like this. My other recent purchase was a Yeti 35 qt cooler to keep my food and drinks for the trip!

I've been camping, I've sleep in my car for 3 days during out of town fishing tournaments, but I have never done a 2 week Marathon trip like this and it truly excites me.

I'm gonna post up my packing list, which is open to all and any suggestions and I really encourage responses to help me hone in on what I really need and what I really don't.

Fishing Packing List:

Kayak and necessary equipment (paddle, mirage drive, cart etc.)
Assortment of Rods (I have a rod rack in my SUV so they are easy to store)
Both Saltwater and Freshwater Tackle Bags
Fish Finder w/ Battery & charger
Camera and Go Pro w/ chargers
Small First Aid Kit

Clothing List: *I should be able to do laundry at multiple stops

Rain Gear (pants, dry top, waders)
Cold Gear (fleece, pant liners)
2 pairs of shorts
Columbia LS shirts
Dry Fit Pants
Essentials (underwear, socks, toiletries)
Non-fishing clothes (jeans, khakis, t-shirts, polo shirt)
Bath wipes in case I can't get a shower


Yeti Cooler
Case of Water w/ Propel Packets
Sandwich meat
Peanut Butter & Jelly
Canned Tuna Fish
Ice - I can restock at any convenience store

Sleeping Arrangements: *While I will stay at some friends places and my Grandfathers I plan to be prepared

Roll up camping Mattress
Sleeping Bag
Two Pillows
Comforter & other blankets for the car
Screens to put on my car windows

*I will also have print directions for my trip, JIC

Am I forgetting anything???

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Hobie Life Presents.... 2013 Mid-Atlantic Kayak Bass Fishing Series

So I've thrown this idea around for a little over a year now to start up some sort of live tournament series in our region and I finally decided I want to make it happen for 2013!!

The key word for this series to me is SIMPLE.... because I already commit a lot of my spare time to our CBKA Annual Charity Tournament in which I spearhead the sponsor and donation recruitment. Also, I want it to be fun, rewarding, and affordable for everyone that participates.

For this MAKBF Series I would like to have 4 events at different locations throughout the region. With the help of some other fellow kayak fisherman I think this can be a very successful addition to the kayak community. Rigged Up on KBF is on board and hopefully we can get two more so we can each spearhead one of the 4 events.

I would like for the charity to be the newest HOW chapter here in Maryland, to help them get the ball rolling.

Overall set up:

4 events (locations TBD)

$20 entry fee (10% to HOW, 10% towards AOTY, 5% MAKBF 

Pay out: 60% 1st, 30% 2nd, 10% 3rd

CPR - Aggregate length of 3 LMB/SMB

Angler of the Year - Running point total (hopefully we can get one sponsor prize and the cash bonus and maybe even and entry to the KBF invitational) 10 (1st), 9(2nd), 8 (3rd), etc. 

I understand that to start it may be small, but I know if we build it then it will grow!!

I look forward to meeting many new faces and having some fun times fishing. More info will hopefully be released before the new year.

I will add a tab to my blog that will have all tournament information, Locations, Times, Results, and AOTY Standings, Etc.

If you are interest in helping or would like to sponsor an event please contact me.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Product Review - Astral Brewers Paddle Shoes

Born on the banks of the Green River Narrows, we bring you a versatile shoe from a kayaker's point of view. The upper is built to last with many of the same durable and fast-drying materials as our lifevests including Cordura® and AirMesh fabrics. Our Natural Balance™ midsole securely cradles your foot, providing stable navigation through unpredictable rocky terrain. For the bottom we use state of the art Stealth® Rubber for unsurpassed traction on wet rocks. Technical performance and classic style are blended perfectly to bring you the shoe whitewater kayakers have been waiting for.

I was really excited when I got my hands on a pair of these Astral Brewers. I had been looking for a paddle/water shoe that looked like a regular shoe for awhile now.  I came across the this particular shoe and company while reading the Summer issue of the Paddle Sport Magazine. They had a full page ad for their new shoe, but when I went to search for the shoe online it was no where to be found.
I went ahead an shot over an email to the company asking about the Brewers that I had seen in the magazine and was told they were a brand new product that had only been released in that magazine, so I was pretty lucky to have found them. I put in an order for a pair as soon as I could knowing they wouldn't be resleased and shipping for a little while longer. 
Unfortunately, the original color I wanted (Black and Blue) was on back order so I audibled and got the gray, black and lime color above.
I have testing these shoes pretty well.
I've biked in them to work and back.
Worn them out to the bars in Annapolis.
Pedaled my mirage drive of my Pro Angler for hours.
Worked a 12 hour shift at work on my feet most of the day.
They would probably be great for sailing on my Hobie 16 also, but I haven't had them out on it yet.
I must say I'm very impressed. I have owned a pair of Columbia water shoes that were in the similar price range that I really like for the longest time, but now comparing them to the Brewers, which have an MSRP of $99,  I like my new Brewers more.
Style - I love the fact that they look more like a normal shoe than your standard water/paddle shoe.
Cost - $99 might seem excessive for a shoe made for kayaking, but I think it is a very reasonable price for a product that can be worn for many different activities and most specifically for all my kayak fishing needs. These are not your standard only for water activities shoes.
Comfort - The rubbery insole took a little getting used to because it has small dimples on it, but after few wears it has become extremely comfortable for barefoot use or with socks. They also fit true to size in my opinion.
Water Usage - These things are great!! They dry very quickly as they are made of mesh and canvas, just like a life vest. They also have a silt drain at the heel which is great for draining water and sand.
Traction - The soles are great, non-slip, and they don't weigh you down while submerged.
Overall : 5 out 5
I love these shoes and they will now be a standard item in my kayak fishing arsenal! Please check out Astral Bouyancy if your looking for some awesome shoes for paddling or pedaling your mirage drive!! They have great customer service and truly run a great American Made company!!
Thanks Kevin and Bryan for the opportunity to get my hands on the shoes as early as possible!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Trip.... A little over a month away

As some of you may know I am planning a road trip down the Atlantic Coast and to the gulf side of Florida. Of course, my kayak will be making the journey with me.

I will be making plenty of stops on my 2 week trek to fish with some great kayak fisherman on their respective waters hopefully to catch some amazing fish and create memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

My trip will be from November 8th until November 21st. The overall distance is 2645 miles and the estimated driving time is close to 43 hours. Although, that obviously won't be all at once.

Here is my game plan for all you stalkers out there... lls jp!!! *While driving I plan to stop every 3 hours or so to refresh and refuel..

8th - Leave early and drive 10 hours to Demorest, GA to stay the night with a good friend from High School

9th - Leave early and drive 7 hours to Pensacola, FL to meet up with Brandon Barton, Marty Mood, and the other guys in the panhandle crew.

10th - Fish anywhere and everywhere Brandon and guys want to hit the water

11th - Fish anywhere and everywhere Brandon and guys want to hit the water

12th - Drive 7 hours to Melbourne, FL to stay with my Grandfather for a few days and fish for some Toad Largemouth Bass

13th - Hang with Grandpop and hopefully get on the lake with some local kayak guys

14th - Hang with Grandpop and hopefully get on the lake with some local kayak guys

15th - Fish in Jacksonville, FL with the Overboard Fishing Rods Crew!!!

16th - Drive 7 hours to Charleston, SC to stay a night with a friend from college.

17th -Drive 4 hours to Jacksonville, NC that evening to fish with Jaz Davis. Fish Jacksonville for the day... Drive 4 hours OBX, NC to fish with Matt Greschak.

18th - Fish OBX, NC

19th - Fish OBX, NC again or start to head home...

20th - Possibly stop at CBBT or another VA Beach location...

21st - Be home relatively early because I work the next 3 days!!!

Who wants to come along?

I hope to be able to keep everyone updated and blog on a daily basis.
Also, if you want to help sponsor my trip let me know.. gas ain't free haha

Rob Choi's Video from the TKAA Tournament

This is what the kayak fishing world is really about!! Nice Work Rob... Check out his blog and more of his awesome work and reports @ Angling Addict..

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Picture of the Day - 10/4/12 - Dinner

Last's night dinner of fried speckled trout  with scalloped potatoes. Fried with the Shorty's Breading that I got from the TKAA tournament.  Yum Yum!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tight Lined Tales of a Fly Fisherman: Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Tight Lined Tales of a Fly Fisherman: Happy 3rd Anniversary!: Today marks the 3rd Anniversary of TLTFF! High five! I know, we're pumped too! So, in celebration of this awesome Anniversary, were go...

Check out my buddy Morgan's Blog and enter to win their give away celebrating their 3 years of operation!

Picture of the Day -10/2/12 - Hobie Crew

Here is a picture of our the Hobie Crew from the TKAA tournament with the winner, Richie Bekolay, of the slam category with 54.25" aggregate of Trout, Flounder, Red Drum.

Chuck Wrenn, Southern Hobie Rep, Richie Bekolay, and Myself

You can read the Richie's recap of his tournament experience here.

Monday, October 1, 2012

TKAA Weekend - 3 Days of Fishing, 8 Hours of Sleep, and A Lot of Driving

So we started off the trip on Friday with some day time fishing at the Oasis from about 9:30am-2:30pm.... loaded up the yaks and four of us raced down to the TKAA captain's meeting, making it with 5 minutes to spare.

We caught a decent amount of specks this time and at one point we had 4 top water lures working, and the fishing were super active for about a half hour. One speck hit the lure and jumped cleanly 3 feet out of the water.

Tyler with a puppy with the most spots I've seen yet!

Tyler with his 24.5" Citation size Speckled Trout

We made it to the Captain's Meeting and got in line to get all checked in. Received our captain's bags and our tournament shirts. The T-shirts were great, but I was a little disappointed with the captains bags (although it did have a cablez sunglasses retainer which I can use). I felt that our Captain's Bags from our CBKA Tournament really took the cake with all the lures and baits from our awesome sponsors!!!

After the meeting "The Crew" decided we were gonna fish the light line at HRBT since we were down there. Hit the water around 9:30pm and fished until 1:30am. I immediately found a large school of fish sitting in the shadows. And I started catching right away. I thought they were trout based on there shape and that was confirmed when I caught my first Gray Trout (Weakfish). I continued to catch fish between 10-13 inches for about 45 minutes. I could see some bigger trout mixed in, but I could not entice them with anything I tried to throw at them. Some of the others got on some rockfish in the line and then we started catching some nice sized croaker by the 1st island. We wrapped it up and loaded up the yaks and Tyler and I took a nap in the parking lot before we headed off to our freshwater lake to fish the Largemouth Bass Division.

It was a really slow..... really rainy and really chilly day at Harwood's Mill Lake. This was the largest fish I could muster for the day and believe me I casted my butt off.

I switched over to a large worm presentation and tried the dead-stick tactic, but I was only rewarded with a pickerel for KW.

This lake definitely has quality fish though. The eventual winner of the LMB division fished the lake not far from us and managed a 19.25" fish on a carolina rig. After a long slow day we headed back to the check-in... I was the 1st to check in a fish, knowing though that it was not going to hold a place for very long.

The turn out was great with over 275 registrants.

I had 12 raffle tickets, but didn't managed to get a single ticket called. :(

Some of our MKF crew was able to do quite well in the tournament. Jack (Pinch) was able to place for the 2nd year in a row, taking 3rd place in the speckled trout division with a 22" speck.  And Robert (Big Fluke) lived up to his forum handle with a Flounder Division 1st place 22" Flounder...

On a side note Jack said he hooked into what he thought was a big red drum (he won the Red Drum Division Last year), but it broke him after a good fight and tow. Later we joked about how he purposely lost it so he wouldn't have to win the NuCanoe boat again haha

After the awards..... which the best thing was the food!! I loaded up on hot food after a long two days of fishing!!!  Four of us decided to hit the road that night to work our way back up to MD, so the drive wouldn't be so long home after fishing on Sunday.  We slept in our cars at a local tackle shop before fishing the next morning. The four of us met back up with Tyler and Cliff at the launch and proceeded to have one of the best fishing days in a long time!!

Crazy blue!

My 1st speck of the day was a near citation at 23.25", fat though!!!

We continued to catch fish all afternoon/day, then we saw some birds diving so we all raced over to toss some baits. I think at one point 5 out of the 6 of us were all hooked up. We had stumbled upon a school of mostly keeper rockfish up to mid 20's with some solid blues mixed in. We fished this area with good success for a while and later when the rockfish moved off, the speck came back and Tyler and Cliff had a good flurry of keeper specks.

My last fish of the weekend was another quality speck at 21.75".

It was an amazing weekend of fishing even though I wasn't able to catch a tournament worthy fish. I had a great time with the guys fishing and we were even able to have good time on the caravan where ever we were driving too.

Hopefully I can get on the water ASAP, but I picked up some extra hours at Backyard Boats in the coming weeks to help with the Annapolis Sail and Power Boat Shows. So come on our and pick up your new Hobie Kayak for the fall fishing, which I predict to be superb this year as the rockfish are getting bigger.


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