Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fishing Report 3/11/12 - Lake Ridge, MD

Started fishing today around 5pm, which is great thanks to daylight savings time I was able to fish longer into the evening.

Started slow, pounding the 1st bank and structure with no success for probably 20-30 minutes. I got past the first cove and to the 2nd bank where I had success on Thursday. Worked the Rapala DT6 Crankbait using a continuous and pause technique like I had the 1st bank and bam.... 1st fish on after a slight pause, a small 15 incher. I kept working the area and caught another 3-4 similar in size within the next 10 casts. Scattered the bank and ended up with about 10 small LMB in the boat so far. 

I worked back to the beginning of the 2nd bank and made a beautiful cast.... split two limbs hanging in the water from a single branch, raised the rod tip and began to crank.... Almost immediately WHACK... good size fish is on. It ran deep, it ran shallow, I had to swing the rod tip around the kayak 2-3 times and I finally got it to the boat... a FAT 20.25" that fought like a champ.

Finished the day trolling for crappie as I strolled back to the launching area. Caught 2-3 under 12". My neighbor was out on his Jon Boat and him, his wife and their dog were putting a whacking to crappie and small bass.

It was a great evening on the water, not nearly as much wind as Thursday!!

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