Monday, March 26, 2012

DIY Anchor Trolley Installation

So this past weekend I decided to add an anchor trolley to my new Pro Angler. This was the 1st addition I made to the kayak after think it all through for a month or so with numerous outing, which I would suggest for anyone with a new kayak.

This idea I saw somewhere, but I am struggling to remember who/where I got the idea from. It is a very simple project and IMO very cost efficient. First off I purchased 4 "circle eyelet bolts w/ nut"($1.29 each). Sorry I forgot to take pictures before installation, but you'll get the idea soon enough. Next I purchased 2 round rings ($1.69 each). I already had some Paracord lying around the house along with a few zip ties, so I was good to go.

I made 2 separate trolleys one forward and one behind the Pro Angler rails on the top of the kayak. On my last Pro Angler I had the trolley on the side of the kayak, but I decided having it on the top would be easier to work with and water would have less chance of getting in.

I drilled my 4 holes slightly smaller than the diameter of my bolts so I could screw them in snug tight. I was able to attach the nut on all but one of the bolts due to its position in relation to access hatches. For that bolt I just made sure the drill hole was small to make a tight fit. I also added a small amount of Goop to each after the bolts were in place.

I tied the Paracord to Rings and ran it through the eyes and it was all set up. Used it for the first time yesterday anchoring for catfish and it worked like a charm. I would still like to add a quick release cam cleat and a float to my anchor line, so that is next!!

Thanks and maybe this will work for you too..

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