Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thank you very much TLTFF!!!

Everyone be sure to check out this blog!! Has a lot of great info and post and they have some great contests!! Also, support KAVU, the awesome sponsor for this contest!!!

Tight Lined Tales of a Fly Fisherman: And The Winners Are...: Apologies this wasn't posted sooner, just saw it didn't get posted with the automatic posts for the day! First of all, I'd like to thank e...

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Monday, May 14, 2012

KayakBassFishing.com Steps it's Game up Again!!!

KBF will now be offering Regional Challenges in addition to the nationwide online circuit!! This is great news it will now give me a realistic opportunity to win.

The Nationwide circuit is pretty much dominated by the southern anglers from TX, FL, GA, etc.  Don't get me wrong they are great anglers, but it's hard when a citation size fish from MD can't even make the top ten and the fish that wins each month most likely would be the new state record for MD.

Now there will be month long regional challenges running simultaneously with the nationwide circuit.

These two circuits will culminate at the end of the year with a Live KBF Inviational Tournament in South Carolina along with an OPEN division for those that want to enter but may not qualify!!

This is a really great step in the right direction to bring together all the kayak bass fishermen of our great country!!

Below is the info via KayakBassTX on KBF.....

"The KBF Regional Challenges will start June 1 and the cost will be $0. That's right it's going to be FREE. There is no reason everyone shouldn't sign up for this. This is going to be a month long challenge instead of the original weekend challenge. In addition to the monthly prizes the top 5 - 10 anglers with the most points at the end of the season will also receive an invitation to the KBF Invitational. This will be just one of many different ways to receive an invitation. So if someone in the top 10 has already qualified then the invite moves down the line. The sign up will be posted within the next 7-10 days. Be sure and check this post, KBF Nations or challenges tab for identifier, rules and updates. Those of you who offered to help with scoring I will be getting in touch with you soon and Thank You for your help!!! Good Luck!!!

Species: Will vary based on region. (2 fish limit for most regions)




Central/Mid Atlantic:

Mid West:

TX, OK, NM, AZ, CO, UT, WY, ID, MT, CA, NV, OR, WA, Mexico



Friday, May 11, 2012

Show Me the Paper!!!

Managed two citations today! It was a great day on the water. An abundance of bass and crappie all evening!! Bass were caught on a DT 6 baby bass crankbait!!

#1 - 21.75" and 4lbs 8oz.

#2 - 21.25" and 5lbs 6oz

Bass 'n' Snappers

Instead of a report from my trip today, here is a video with some of this years action that I've caught on tape and some interesting catches from today!!!


Monday, May 7, 2012

Lake Ridge Fiesta 5/5 + 5/6

My fishing adventures have been on hiatus for quite some time and it has had me itching to get on the water BAD ever since my last trip to Kiptopeke, Va.

I wasn't sure if I would be able to get on the water this weekend either, but I made the trip home to my parents and hit the neighborhood lake Saturday evening and all day Sunday to provide a quick fix as I knew I could get on some fish... and possible some big bass.

I had been over a month since my last visit to the lake so I knew it would take a little while to figure out the pattern of attack. Threw my go to Rapala Crank with little to show for, then worked some soft plastics, tried my new curado baitcaster (birdnesting a few times)... Then decided how about I throw a spinnerbait. Went with a white w/ pepper specks even though the water was quite clear (it was the right size I wanted to use and my spinnerbait options were limited).

Made my round trip around the lake and started catching a number of small 12"-15" bass and even a few large crappie.

Eventually I made it back to a cove were I usually have good success and have caught some big LMB. I made an errant cast and it landed between 2 post and some wood on a dock. Almost immediatly the bait got hit on the fall. I was able to set the hook but the fish wrapped me around the wood posts. I tried to react as quickly as possible, paddling to the dock and jumping up on the dock.... I could see the fish and could still feel it tugging on the line. I was able to reach down and undo the line but it had came unbuttoned... Lost a huge Bass and my spinnerbait... :(

A little after this I decided I was going to try and catch some crappie for the dinner table. I would troll a 1/8oz. jig head with a yellow or black grub to find a bite, then I would cast and slow retrieve in the general area. Finished the day with over 20 crappie and about 12 in the front hatch (all over 11").

Sunday rolled around and I got a little later start than I had planned. I hit the water around 10:30am missing the morning bite, but before noon the action was still fierce on a chartreuse spinnerbait (slightly smaller than the one I used yesterday). Again I tore up bass from 10"-15" with one at least every 4-5th cast. Eventually I got a big hit and landed a fat 18.75" LMB. Of course I left my new scale in the car... and when I went to get it later in the day I realized I forgot to put batteries in it. BUMMER....

That afternoon the bass bite slowed down so I decided to challenge myself and conquer some FIRSTS on the Pro Angler. I brought out my fly rod and went to target some bluegill with a small spider popper. It took some getting used too, but I managed over 10 bluegill while snagging my fly line on the mirage drive numerous times (but well worth it for first fish on the fly on the yak!!).

For the evening action I switched over to a topwater popper "bluegill pattern" because my neighbor told me he had good success the day before on the surface. Immediately I was getting action (it was going to be a fun evening)!!!

I caught over 20 LMB on the topwater popper and 3 of them scored for KW. With the largest coming in at 19" and fat, but again no functioning scale (I really want to get an idea of weight compared to length for my lake.

I wrapped up fishing around 7:30pm after a marathon day... Put everything away and cleaned my reels. Finished the night at my Aunt's down the street, she had made some fresh pasta salad and other stuff so I couldn't pass up on a free meal. Was able to see two of my cousins and we skyped with my other cousin who is stationed at Fort Hood, TX. Overall It was a great weekend of fishing and family!