Saturday, March 10, 2012

My first restoration project!

I gonna start off the blog with one of projects I'm most proud of, the restoration of the 1st Hobie 16 that I bought during the summer of 2010. I got the boat for $100 from a family that just needed it out of their backyard. It became a month long project to make it pretty again.

Here it is when I first picked it up..

It was in pretty rough shape, but it had all the working parts and the sails were is great condition for an old boat.

I got right to work, doing some intensive cleaning trying to get the trampolines back to their natural color of white...

Step 1 = SUCCESS

Then I sanded all the old paint of the hulls...

Primed, Painted, and Pimped it out a little..

The finished product after replacing all the lines and sheets.

My hard work paid off, and it didn't just look good it could sail a little bit too!!


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