Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fishing Report 3/8/12 - Lake Ridge, MD

I fished my local neighborhood lake with my friend, Naysayer, from our Maryland Kayak Fishing Forum. The weather was in the high 60's or maybe the low 70's with wind up to 20mph. Quite a breezy day even on a small lake surrounded by foilage. Water temps are still in the 50's I think, but don't know for sure because I don't have the fish finder rigged on the new kayak yet.

There were a lot of leave of the water surface due to the wind which made fishing pretty difficult, but we fought through it. Also, due to the cold temps there is still alot of slime on all the underwater structure.

My strategy was to use my go to lure a Rapala DT 6 series crankbait in a number of bluegill patterns and beat the bank for some lunker largemouth to try to improve my standings in the Kayak Bass Fishing online fishing challenges. I also wanted to try fishing with some new chatterbaits I had just bought.

Five minutes into fishing I caught my first bass about 13-14inches on the chatterbait while working a 6 to 10 foot drop off coming off the sure. So goal number one was complete, caught a fish on the new lure so they actual work....

Continued to fish what was pretty slow day for largemouth. My largest fish was a chunky 15 incher caught on the crankbait. I also caught 3 good size crappie over 12 inches on the same crankbait.

Later, Naysayer and I found a large school of crappie grouped in one of the coves. we had a constant pick at crappie over 11 inches for an hour. I was using a pink 1/8oz jig head with a brown sparkle curly tail.

I finished the day with about 10 Bass and 10 Crappie. I was able to get 40 points for my team, Snaggers, in the Kayak Wars challenge!!

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