Monday, March 12, 2012

Product Review: Carrot Stix Baitcasting Rod

In my last trip I tried to extensively use my newest rod, a baitcaster, which is also somewhat of a new art for me. I have always fished exclusively with spinning tackle.

The new rod is a Element 21 Carrot Stix Professional Grade Casting Rod, 70", Xtra Heavy. I purchased it from Gander Mountain they have 50% off sale. Rod Listing at Gander Mountain

So 1st off you can't beat the price, a $149.99 rod for only $74.99.
Secondly. I had only ever heard good things about Carrot Stix: super senstive, nice quality, etc.

I fished my new rod today paired with an Abu Garcie Revo Inshore LH Baitcaster which has 50lb braid on it for jigging Striped Bass. But its all I had to work with.

I fished a Rapala DT 6 and Rapala DT 10 series crankbaits with the combo. While I only caught 2 fish while using this set-up I could definitely feel the sensitivity on every bump by either a fish or under water brush... AND I could definitely tell the difference between then two.

The rod is light and casts very smoothly with the micro guides. Becuase of the length it really allows you to make casts for distance and accuracy.

Only thing I don't really like is the trigger on the handle. I not sure if it is the placement or the angle of the curve but I could not get my right hand comfortable while casting/reeling. This also may be due to my lack of experience with the baitcasters.

Overall I like the rod after my first 2 outings with it. I think for freshwater I will use it for deeper crankbaits and big spinnerbaits.

I think where I will really like it is Jigging for Striped Bass at the Bay Bridge. I'll quote my Hobie Fishing Team Partner Redfish12, "A Carrot Stix rod is game changer at the bridge!" This particular model is rated up to 2.25 oz for a lure, so it should be able to handle pretty much anything!!

For now I will give this rod an 8/10 and I will revisit it after it makes an appearance on the saltwater.

8/10 - only negative is the trigger, and for me comfort holding the rod is important... but I will hope that I will adjust to it.. Although I do believe that the next baitcasting rod I purchase I will just avoid a trigger at all.

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  1. Cool stuff. That rod was on my list for a swimbait set up, but I went with a Loomis because it fit my Calcutta better. If I had a low profile reel I might have tried the Stix.