Friday, March 23, 2012

Fishing Report - 3/23/12 - A Beautiful Crappie Day

What a gourgeous Summer... I mean spring day.. lol I was hot out today!! Got on my lake around 3pm or so without many clouds in sight.

Planned to target Bass all day, but I was getting more Crappie than usual on my Crankbait. Thes crappie we also a lot Darker than the normal White Crappie my lake produces. I'm not sure if they were Black crappie or just darker as I didn't count the spines.

Got 3 dark crappie over 12 inches on the crankbait and only a few small bass on my trip around the loop. I was fishing hard too, trying to work the whole lake as it has warmed up and has become a lot more active everywhere. I caught 3 species on the same rapala crank bait. The blue gill that wer caught were only twice as big as the lure.

At the end of my first loop I hooke into a 16" LMB that found just as hard a dead stick. I carefully reeled in the dead weight, hoping not to lose the KW worthy bass.

Then I decided to practice using my new Bust Em Baits finesse worms. **One of my goals this year is to become more versatile as a fisherman and be able to use more than one approach. I'm very impressed with their baits. And look forward to getting some more use with them before I do a full product review.

I caught 3 out 8 with the worms, still need some practice as I was not letting the bass take it long enough.

I caught a few more crappie so I decided to target crappie exclusively using an UL set up with a 1/8 oz pink jig head paired with a black curly tail jig.

Finished the day with 7 crappie over 12 inches and numerous others under 12" and a mess of blue gill up to 8.5"

Look for another report tomorrow, a fellow MKF yaker will be joining me. Looks like it will be a wet one too. But like I always told my customers while working in the charter boat business, " The fish are already wet."

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