Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fishing Report 3/15/12 - Lake Ridge, MD "A First!!"

I had to get out fishing today since we are having such great weather here in Maryland. It was around 70 degrees today I think, never really checked, I just knew it was nice out!

Hit my lake around 4:15pm and stayed on the water until 7:15pm. Somewhat of a slow start after I caught my 1st fish on my 3rd cast. I didn't catch another fish until about 5:15pm.

All fish were caught on my usual Rapala DT 6 "Baby Bass" pattern crankbait. I also felt like I missed a few bites today, more that normal at least. Most of the misses came after a pause in the retrieve. A fish would hit and just the slightest slack in the line cost me a few fish.

At about 5:30pm I reeled in 16 incher that would count for Kayak Wars!! I was working the outer edge of a large fallen tree top with all the branches still attached. It is the newest structure in my lake as it only fell last summer.

I caught a few small bass in between, but around 6:00pm I caught another one that counts for KW. It measured a solid 17.5 inches and it was a jumper, launching two feet out of the water twice.

Shortly after this fish I watched a LARGE LMB follow my lure back to my kayak through some underwater brush, but like a dumby I got excited instead of slowing down or pausing. Tried to get it to show itself again to no avail.

I also caught a nice bluegill on the same crankbait while bass fishing!!

So here's the 1st for me in my home lake. I snagged what I believe is a herring. Had no idea they were in the lake, but I know they are a natural food for Bass. I thought my bass just ate bluegill and smaller bass as they are usually quite chunky, but I guess there is another food souce for them as well. Now can they just grow faster so I can keep up with the Texas guys in the KBF Challenges!!

***I was informed this is most likely a Golden Shiner***

Thanks for reading!!

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