Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Bucketmouths Are Getting Hungry

On Saturday I decided I would take my 1st shot at some pre-spawn largemouth bass hoping that the warmer weather this past week would get the fish a little active and into the shallower waters.

For the 1st hour and half I had no action on a Alabama rig, which is one of my goals  to catch fish on this technique this year. So I tried a 10" black w/ purple fleck worm, and only got one nibble, but I didn't fish it too hard or give it much or a chance.

I then switched over to my good ole trusty Rapala DT 6 "silver" crankbait on my Overboard Soul Pole MH 6'6" with a Shimano Stradic Ci4 2500 (my newest combo, which I had yet to catch a fish on). Within the first 10 minutes I pulled a 17 incher out of some underwater timber.

I continued to fish the structure and the shoreline with depth around 4-8 feet. I managed 2 more small fish, one being a beautiful spotted bass.

I kept throwing the crank and was rewarded!! I  got a hit that I set the hook on, but thought I missed as the line went slack, but the bass had made a run directly for my kayak. As soon as I realized the fish was still on the battle ensued. The fish took 2-3 drag screaming runs as I patiently played it to the side of the new PA 12 where I could net it. BOOM!!!

  22.5" bass another personal best for me this week!!
I called it a day after that as I new it couldn't get much better. While I was on the lake some of my neighbors were steadily catching crappie from shore with a bobber and jig. As I was loading the kayak I heard some excitement from where they were fishing, and it turning out they managed a trophy bass themselves. It's great to see the big bass in my lake are ready for 2013.
If your interested in a guided trip for trophies like the one above send me and email so we can catch you the bass of a lifetime.

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