Thursday, March 21, 2013

Big Bass Round 2

My Dad and I hit the lake at about 10:30am with crankbaits all tied up and ready to go after they had been so successful my two previous trips this week.

But crankbaits were not what was on the menu for Wednesday. Neither of us got even a bite for about two hours.

When I'm just fishing for fun I get pretty bored if I'm not catching, so I switched tactics and went after some crappie for Kayak Wars, hoping at least they would be biting.

My largest Crappie to date 13.75".
Dad stuck with trying for bass for a bit longer after getting used to the Hobie Pro Angler. It was his for time on a Hobie, so I was showing him the ins/outs and he was getting used to the comfort and stability of these awesome yaks.

Finally I got a few crappie so Dad came over and was able to catch a few himself. While crappie fishing I got a big slow hit that bent my Ultralite Overboard Rod in half. The fish stayed deep and went on a bunch of drag screaming runs. I fought the fish really slowly, knowing I had light line and didn't want any knots to break from over working the fish or trying to bring it up too fast.

I knew it was BIG Bass by the way it was fighting and eventually I got it high enough in the water column that I could see it was definitely a healthy fish.

BOOM!! Another MD Citation 22" Largemouth Bass.

Perfect Frabill Net from Settles Bridge Supply House

AFTCO Transom Bibs keeping me warm.

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