Monday, March 25, 2013

Product Review - Frabill 3605 Kayak Net

Nets feature molded thermo-plastic rubber netting designed to support the fishes weight. Fish-Friendly knotless surface prevents roughing of catch and tangling of hooks.

Product Specifications
  • 2" x 16" Teardrop
  • 6" Fixed Handle with Cushioned EVA Grip
  • 3/8" Mesh rubber net
  • 13 Ounce weight
Frabill 3605 Trout Net $34.99
I'll will start out by saying I bought this net with the idea that it would be the perfect net for most kayak uses. When you catch a really big fish the easiest way to get it in the kayak is not necessarily in a net and this net wouldn't be used in those situations.

I planned to use this net for Pickerel, Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Crappie, Speckled Trout. And you can add any other similar size fish to that list, but that is what I planned to use it the most for. Here are my opinions of it after 2 months using it every trip.

Here it is in use with a 22" Largemouth Bass.
Size - The size is perfect in my opinion for what I will be using it for. It is wide enough to fit a fat largemouth bass and the nets depth makes up for it not being that long.
Quality - Frabill is a well-known name in fishing and they make consistent products. This net did not dissapoint. The rubber net is strong, safe for the fish, and your hooks don't get caught it in. I'm a big fan of the shorter handle nets. I don't want to have put the lengthy shaft under my armpit just to be able to net a fish. The handle does have the elastic cord for lashing to a wading belt or to the kayak, but I'm not fond of extra lines all of the kayak, so I will probably cut this off.
Function - The net simple does what it is built to do. It nets fish and does so easily from a sitting position in a kayak. Also, it can be easily store in a rod holder which allows for easy access when you need the net for a lunker.
Overall - 9/10 - I think this net is definitely a winner for kayak fisherman. The only thing I would change is to increase the opening of the net size slighty by an inch or two. I think that would make netting a speckled trout just a little bit easier.
If your interested in this net head over to Settles Bridge Supply House and get one soon as spring is here and the fishing will be heating up. This will be my net of choice for the MAKBF series starting in April. It will hopefully decrease my chances of losing any lunkers boatside.
This picture has a pickerel of about 18" curled up in the net.

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