Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Staying Fresh

Decided to stick to the sweetwater this week after the really good outing I had over the weekend. I wanted to get after some more Trophy bass and see if I could catch some crappie for Kayak Wars.

I chased bass most of the afternoon and to my disgust.... I missed the first 3 bites I had... After a good while with no fish I had a solid strike, leading to a BIG bass on the line..I fought it for a few runs and had it at the top of the water column about 5 feet from the kayak. I was about to grab the net and make the move to get her in the boat, when she decided to go on one more run... which led to the hook coming free from her mouth and off she went.

I was really pissed, and was repeatedly saying expletives in my head, but I refrained from yelling them, which is what I would normally do so I was proud of myself. haha This fish was easily as big or bigger than the fish I caught on Saturday, but I won't know for sure.

Anyways I was able to catch about 5 bass I believe with on going 18.75" and one just shy of another citation at 20.75". Even though I was bummed about the one that got away these two made up for it somewhat.

After fishing for bass most of the afternoon I decided to switch over to trolling for some crappie. I don't have a fish finder on the NEW Pro Angler 12 yet, so it was a little more difficult than it normally would be. I was able to catch 4 crappie, but only one was large enough to count for Kayak Wars.
While I was trolling I had not one but two surprises:
First I caught a Golden Shiner and secondly I caught a sizable bluegill at 9.25", which was big enough to count for kayak wars.
I'll be back at it tomorrow. I'll be back on the PA 14 after cheating on her with the PA 12 a few times and my Dad will be making his maiden voyage on the PA 12. Hopefully we'll be able to find some big girls and my Dad will be able to get his 1st citation for Largemouth Bass.

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