Monday, March 25, 2013

Product Review - Overboard Fishing Rods

What do you look for in a rod?

~ The most important thing for me is functionability. The rod has got to work, catch fish, fit the type of action is rated for, and be durable as fishing in a kayak isn't the friendliest on equipment. A lot of high end rods out there are marketed to be used for one specific type of fishing, whether it be fishing crankbaits, jigs, or soft-plastics. To be honest that is not my style, even though I consider myself a pretty successful freshwater bass fisherman. I like my rods to be able to at least cover 2 facets or styles of fishing because simply I can't afford to have a rod for every different type of lure I use.

How many Overboard Rods do you own?

~ I am currently waiting for my 8th and 9th rods to come in from the American Made Factory in Jacksonville, Fl where Capt. Sean Abbey turns and tunes all Overboard Rods by hand.

Capt. Sean with a slot red when we fished together in November
Capt. Sean with the original Soul Pole Prototype and a fat trout.
~ I own 5 of the Bobber series rods, which feature the innovative technology that will float your rod and reel if it falls in the water.

~ I own 4 Soul Pole series rods, which are the classic style cork handle with a split grip butt.

Why do you fish Overboard Rods?

~ First and foremost I truly believe in the product and the company. Also, because I hate rod leases and the Bobber series rods provide me with a sense of security without having the leash everything to the kayak and having leashes all over the place, which just leads to a mess and takes away from the simplicity that I enjoy about kayak fishing.

What are your rod set-ups and what do you use them for?

~ 2 - 5' Ultralite Bobber Series Rods - Panfish and Pickerel, but I've also caught 3 Citation Largemouth Bass on them while Crappie fishing.

~ 6' Spinning Medium Bobber Series - Speckled Trout, All purpose salt/fresh rod

~ 7' Casting Medium Bobber Series - Light Tackle Jigging

~ 7' Casting Heavy Bobber Series - Catfishing, Heaving Jigging, and Trolling for Stripers

~ 6'6" Spinning MH Soul Pole Series - Topwater and Crankbaits (Main Largemouth Bass Rod)

~ 7' Casting MH Soul Pole Series w/ Microguides - Light Tackle Jigging

~ 6'6" Spinning Medium Soul Pole Series - Soft Plastics (on the way)

~ 6'3" Spinning Medium Soul Pole Series - All Around Freshwater rod (on the way)

What is the best feature about Overboard Rods?

~ Like I said before, functionability! Overboard Rods have ready built rods with standard specs at a great price point for hand built American Made rods. The Bobber series lists from $99.99-$119.99 and the Soul Pole Series list from $89.99-$99.99. They also have fly rods in both series ranging from $134.99-$159.99.

~ You can order standard specifications listed on the website or you can contact Capt. Sean to put in your custom order. Rods can also be purschased from some retailers including All Tackle in Annapolis, MD and Settles Bridge Supply House.

~ Also, many custom rod builders get caught up in the look the rod and making the all flashy to catch the fisherman (not the fish). While Overboard can make you a spiffy custom rod that can look like one of the neon billboards in Las Vegas if that is what you really want, but for the most part they stick to their beliefs about building a rod that focuses on catching fish and I can atest to that as I have caught fish on each of my OFRs. I will be fishing Overboard Rods for a long time and look forward to representing well at the tournaments and other events.

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  1. As the rivers have come down to somewhat normal flows the fish have settled into their traditional runs and the fishing has been good. The Middle Provo especially seems to be in really great shape.