Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Hobie Life Presents.... 2013 Mid-Atlantic Kayak Bass Fishing Series

So I've thrown this idea around for a little over a year now to start up some sort of live tournament series in our region and I finally decided I want to make it happen for 2013!!

The key word for this series to me is SIMPLE.... because I already commit a lot of my spare time to our CBKA Annual Charity Tournament in which I spearhead the sponsor and donation recruitment. Also, I want it to be fun, rewarding, and affordable for everyone that participates.

For this MAKBF Series I would like to have 4 events at different locations throughout the region. With the help of some other fellow kayak fisherman I think this can be a very successful addition to the kayak community. Rigged Up on KBF is on board and hopefully we can get two more so we can each spearhead one of the 4 events.

I would like for the charity to be the newest HOW chapter here in Maryland, to help them get the ball rolling.

Overall set up:

4 events (locations TBD)

$20 entry fee (10% to HOW, 10% towards AOTY, 5% MAKBF 

Pay out: 60% 1st, 30% 2nd, 10% 3rd

CPR - Aggregate length of 3 LMB/SMB

Angler of the Year - Running point total (hopefully we can get one sponsor prize and the cash bonus and maybe even and entry to the KBF invitational) 10 (1st), 9(2nd), 8 (3rd), etc. 

I understand that to start it may be small, but I know if we build it then it will grow!!

I look forward to meeting many new faces and having some fun times fishing. More info will hopefully be released before the new year.

I will add a tab to my blog that will have all tournament information, Locations, Times, Results, and AOTY Standings, Etc.

If you are interest in helping or would like to sponsor an event please contact me.

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