Saturday, October 13, 2012

Product Review - Dizm Polarized ECO Sunglasses

So I have been very lucky to get these opportunities to test out and review some really great products and this is another perfect example!!

Product Details: 


This new material is a 100% renewable and biodegradable plant based material. As opposed to being made from post consumer recycled products, our frames are made from renewable raw materials: cotton, wood and palm oil. WIth the appropriate environmental conditions the frames will decompose into water, carbon dioxide and bio mass. No, they will not decompose on your face!
Dizm ECO Herbie - "Sets the Pace."   $109.95

His classic approach never goes out of style. Sleek lines and timeless design make for everyday wear. Available in an array of sharp colors, Herbie sets the pace for fashion and function.

Handmade RB cellulose acetate 100% renewable & biodegradeable frame, 100% UV protection, Base 6 spherical lens, Polarized PC lens, Stainless steel optical hinges

First and foremost, the people at Dizm are great people. They were very kind to me and to our tournament via donations. The Model I got to test out was the Dizm Eco Herbie. I chose this pair because of the four styles this model fit my face the best and had a completely different look than My Costa Del Mars that I already owned.

I was very happy with the construction of the glasses. They are very well built and feel or look cheap, like some sunglasses do. Overall they are definitely comfortable, but on some longer kayak fishing trips they did start to bother me behind my ears, but that is common for all sunglasses I have ever worn.

The style of these sunglasses is awesome. Not only are they functional, but they look great too. Whether I was wearing them around the town, driving, or while I was fishing they fit the niche.

I was also impressed with the polarized lenses. I wasn't sure how they would compare with my Costa's, but I must say the Dizm's put up a good fight with the sunglass powerhouse. The only thing to me where the Costa's win out is the fact that the lenses brighten up you view and can be worn even on a cloud covered day. The Dizm's have a gray lenses which is darker and makes it more difficult to see in lower light situations like in the evening or when a large cloud completely covers the sun.
Polarization wise I didn't notice any difference in reducing glare or being able to see down into the water column.

Overall I would give these sunglasses a 4 out 5. Mostly because I prefer a lens that will brighten up the view even in low light situations. While fishing if a cloud comes you don't want to have to continuously take your sunglasses on and off to be able to see. But with an MSRP of $109.95 and for half the price of Costa's and Maui Jims they are toatally worth being considered for your next pair of polarized sunglasses.
 I think Dizm makes a great product and I will cotinue to wear my Dizm's for all sorts of tasks and the fact that they are 100% eco friendly is even better!! Please check out Dizm here and follow them on facebook for giveaways and new releases.

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