Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fishing Report - 10/20/12 - Let's go on a date..... kayak fishing...

So this weekend I had set up to borrow a Hobie from Backyard Boats in Annapolis, but my roommate bailed on me to go on a work trip to Tampa Bay. So my next option was to see if my girlfirend would be interested in coming along. She had only kayak fished with me once before and it was a short easy trip in the lake. But I knew she could hold her own. She accepted the offer and we headed off to the Eastern Shore of MD to meet up with Tyler (MDfishin) and Cliff (Cliff) who were already out there fishing on Friday.
We greated them at Tylers place as they got off the water pretty late, but they had brought home fish for dinner so that was cool. We had stopped and gotten batter and oil to cook it up. We hung out, shared stories, threw back a few cold ones, then got some shut-eye for a long next day ahead.
Elaina leading the way on the Outback loaned to us by Backyard Boats Annapolis.

Largest of the Day - 20.5"

1st Slot Red Drum

Fishing wasn't Specktacular, but it was decent at times. The fish seemed to be extremely picky with our artificial presentations, but we didn't have any cut bait to offer. Otherwise the weather was amazing so we couldn't really complain!!

Elaina caught a number of fish and caught a keeper speck before Tyler and Cliff got their first fish, so I was a proud boyfriend. She was a real trooper and kept pace with us all day!!

Friend Speck sammmmich with provolone, mayo, and salsa.

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