Sunday, October 21, 2012

DIY - Pro Angler Cargo Net Seat Pouch

Pieces: 5 padeyes, 10 screws, 5 pieces of bungee, piece of cargo net
This project is pretty self explanatory, but the cargo net is laced in/out with bungee in order to close the pocket on the sides. On the bottom the net is folded and laced with the in/out method.

The top has the double bungee to keep the contents in. I used it this weekend to keep my waders and my rain coat in it... Just in case.

Bungee ends are knotted and burned to prevent fraying.

Hopefully this simple idea give you another option to provide easy storage and use of space that is not normally used.


  1. Cargo net should be strong, durable and affordable. So that you can use them in varieties of area.