Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Road Trip Preparedness.... Count Down 28 days

As my road trip approaches and is now less than a month away I catch myself everyday thinking about it.

Whether is it dreaming about all the fish I hope to catch, how awesome it will be to just be on the road with my kayak, my car, and my music, or the thinking about what else I need to do to plan and prepare for this trip.

The later is what I have been thinking about the most. I want my plan and trip to be full-proof for success. All my stops, days I plan to fish, days I plan to drive to be all organized and designated for the most part.

One of my most recent purchases was a car GPS, which I think will be a crucial piece of a equipment for a trip like this. My other recent purchase was a Yeti 35 qt cooler to keep my food and drinks for the trip!

I've been camping, I've sleep in my car for 3 days during out of town fishing tournaments, but I have never done a 2 week Marathon trip like this and it truly excites me.

I'm gonna post up my packing list, which is open to all and any suggestions and I really encourage responses to help me hone in on what I really need and what I really don't.

Fishing Packing List:

Kayak and necessary equipment (paddle, mirage drive, cart etc.)
Assortment of Rods (I have a rod rack in my SUV so they are easy to store)
Both Saltwater and Freshwater Tackle Bags
Fish Finder w/ Battery & charger
Camera and Go Pro w/ chargers
Small First Aid Kit

Clothing List: *I should be able to do laundry at multiple stops

Rain Gear (pants, dry top, waders)
Cold Gear (fleece, pant liners)
2 pairs of shorts
Columbia LS shirts
Dry Fit Pants
Essentials (underwear, socks, toiletries)
Non-fishing clothes (jeans, khakis, t-shirts, polo shirt)
Bath wipes in case I can't get a shower


Yeti Cooler
Case of Water w/ Propel Packets
Sandwich meat
Peanut Butter & Jelly
Canned Tuna Fish
Ice - I can restock at any convenience store

Sleeping Arrangements: *While I will stay at some friends places and my Grandfathers I plan to be prepared

Roll up camping Mattress
Sleeping Bag
Two Pillows
Comforter & other blankets for the car
Screens to put on my car windows

*I will also have print directions for my trip, JIC

Am I forgetting anything???


  1. Things to add:

    Ziploc bags, trash bags, buff, chap stick, water shoes, and regular shoes

  2. might want to look into getting one of these bad boys ;)

  3. computer, phone + charger, filet knife, knife sharpener, gallon jugs of water