Sunday, October 21, 2012

DIY - PVC Rod Holders

So, I didn't create this concept by any means. But I'm very happy with how I have adapted them to the Pro Angler. Most of the crew fishing out of Hobie Revos and they have their design pretty much pin pointed.
The obvious differences: PA needs the set up to be wider and needs the 3 vertical rod holders to move forward about 6 inches to allow them to be directly over the raised mold of the kayak. This allows for zero wasted space on the aft storage area.
I used all 1.5" PVC and connector pieces. I chose to have 3 vertical rod holders and two side rod holders for trolling. The Hobie Cart can still fit on the deck with the rod holders in place.
The set-up is bungee'd down to the kayak via padeyes. I do plan to a small piece of PVC underneath the right and left vertical rod holders to provide support and to help keep the rodholders still if a big fish hits while trolling.

Bungee'd down in the back to the existing loops on the PA.

Initially I only glued the PVC together, but after some use the pieces began to come apart. So Pinch had told me he screwed his parts together, so I went ahead and did that for V2. I'm hoping to test the set-up on some large fish while I'm down in Florida and we'll see if it can hold up to the pelagics.


  1. This is awesome. Any chance you could post your parts list and pvc measurements? I'd like to build this for my PA12.

    1. Unfortunately the measurement will be different because this set up is for my PA 14.

      Parts include:

      2 90 degree links
      2 3-way links
      3 4-way links
      2 60 degree links for trolling
      Then assortment of pieces to put it all together, which you could measure based on the width of the PA12

  2. What is the size PVC you used on your PA 14?