Monday, December 3, 2012

2nd Place in the Eastport Yacht Club Rockfish Tournament

I got another call from Capt. Luke Thatcher looking for some crew to fish a single day tournament this past Saturday. We would be fishing on Luke's newest addition to his fleet, a Regulator 32. During the MSSA Tournament I had backed out on fishing one day so I owed it to him to get out there and help him catch some winning fish... and that's just what we did.

We launched out of Solomon's Island and headed south in a dense fog. The radar on the boat made driving in the fog quite managable but it was still somewhat stressful and erie.

We made it south near Point Lookout and started setting out the planer boards and all the rods, 24 in total.
We caught fish through the morning until about 11am, with the original goal of catching a fish before we even got all the rods out.

Our team included Capt. Luke, his dad, myself, and Lukes Chesapeake Bay retriever Marlin. We had the teamwork down perfectly.. Mr. Thatcher and I took turns reeling and fighting the fish, Luke would grab the leader and whoever didn't reel manned the net.

We were 9 for 9 and didn't lose a fish all day. All 9 of the fish were over 36" with our largest officially measuring in a 39.75", which happened to be .75" shorter than the 1st place fish. So we finished 2nd and we won all the calcuttas, so overall it was a great day for fishing checking in 3 fish.

We tried to to keep our fish alive all day in the livewell so we could release them after checking them in, but unfortunately the fish just didn't have enough kick to swim off on their own. It was a little upsetting but we tried our best to release them.

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