Saturday, December 15, 2012

2013 Kayak Wars Comes to a Close

Overall, the 2013 season was a very successful one for me and kayak fishing. Not only was I able to get out and fish a lot but I was very fortunate to gain a number of relationships and partnerships with many individuals and companies in the kayak fishing community.

Our team for 2013 was called Snaggers. We had a very successful year and I was very fortunate to be ona team with some other passionate kayak fisherman. Ryan (Shadyfisher85) and Wayne (Chimo) were able to catch a lot of species this year! Our other team members ended up having busy years so they weren't able to fish as much, which is fine as we put together our team just to have a good time and hopefully help us work to catch a few more fish.

I was very happy with how we finished. I would have liked to have been able to catch a few more species myself, I didn't even get a striper over 20" which was disappointing, but oh well.

As a team we finshed in 9th in the Northeast Region for Total Inches combined for freshwater and saltwater species!!!! We also finished 18th Nationally in the Freshwater Division!!!

Individually I finished 8th in the Northeast for Freshwater species and finished with a combined 1300 points for both freshwater and saltwater.

Some of my other fishing buddies also had a great year. Jack's (Pinch), Mike (grilled), and Michael's (redfish12) team finshed a very solid 6th in the Northeast saltwater division. And each of them got over 1300 in points!!

I'm really looking forward to next year and hopefully many more fish to come!!!! Thanks for being on my team guys!!

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