Friday, August 9, 2013

Small Craft Advisory

Well as you might have thought from the title it was a little bit rougher out today than we expected. And "a little" is not really giving the mighty bay much credit.

The forecast showed 10mph winds out of the SW last night and when we woke up to launch at 5am it had been bumped up to more like 15mph. Which is doable, but not necessarily in the main stem of the bay, which is where we were headed. Shane "Reelaxin10", Ryan "Shady", Pat "Knot Working" and myself launched at a private location I've got access to near Thomas Point with the hopes of paddling out to the lighthouse for some early morning topwater stripers. 

The wind and waves dampened the possibilities of anything topwater and at first even the possibility of going out to the light.  We were all tentative as there was a solid 2' chop out of the south and it was building. Ryan made the 1st move and with his trusty Torqueedo evolve he left for the light. The rest of us contemplated the journey and after Ryan confirmed he had already caught fish we headed out.

About half way to the light all we could see in the distance was hundreds of birds diving across about a mile span north of Thomas Point Light. This is what you dream of. The water was rough so you couldn't see fish breaking but they were definitely chasing bait to the top.

As soon as we got out there we all hooked up immediately and our fish finders lit up or blacked out. It was on!!
1st fish and largest fish of the day at 24"
Photo Credit: Shane
Photo Credit: Shane
24 incher
It was a wet, windy ride on the bay today!!
The waves continued to build with some peaking at close to 4 feet. It got very sporty for awhile and none of us would have made our way out there if we weren't in a group. I had multiple large waves crest on the side of my kayak nearly turning over the trusty Pro Angler 14. But like I said we are all experienced paddlers and know how to react and not react in those situations. Also, you may notice I'm actually wearing my life vest which means it was not safe and most definitely a "Small Craft Advisory". Today was the day that I wish I had the Go Pro set up just to show how rough it was and how close I came to flipping.
You can see some cresting waves in the distance.

Pat with his 1st keeper of the day at 22"
I had most of my luck trolling rather than casting solely because it was just so rough. It was hard to stay on top of a location and jig efficiently.  I was trolling a 4" Storm Swim Shad on a Overboard 7' Heavy baitcaster. On the 2nd rod, an Overboard 7' Medium Casting rod, I had a 3/4oz road runner bucktail with a Chartreuse BKD or Electric Chicken Bust Em Baits Jerk Shad
An 11" Striper completely swallowed the 4" Storm Shad
My two keepers for the day!!
Ryan ended up catching the most stripers and he ended the day with some big perch as well!! It's always awesome to get out on the water with good friends. And like many things there is safety in numbers while kayak fishing. We were off the water by 9:30am and off to do whatever else was in store for the day, in my case typing this post then catching up on the sleep I missed last night.
Tonight's Dinner!!!

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