Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bay Bridge Live Lining

The Bay Bridge has been on fire as of late. I haven't had much time to get out on the kayak, so last Friday I snuck away on the boat with Capt. Luke and my roommate Kyle. 
We got on the action quick. As soon as we caught our spot on the western shore side on bloodworms we headed to the eastern side to live line the pilings. Within 5 seconds of putting the spot in the water a striper took it for a run. It was on from there, between the 3 of us we caught over 20 fish in about 1.5 hours and missed a bunch more. All fish were caught on Overboard Rods, both the bobber series and the soul pole series.
Capt. Luke holding up all 6 of our keepers.
All fish in the 20-26" range.
What an amazing night!!!


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