Sunday, November 18, 2012

End of the road

So the weather forecast just wasn't in my favor for the last fews stops that I had planned. The wind was a major issue this trip and it didn't want to let up for me to be able to fish Charleston, OBX, and Virginia Beach. To get to the point.... I ended up cutting the trip short. I decided to drive back to Maryland yesterday from Charleston.

Along the way I got a DAMN ticket in Virginia for having a headlight out... but at least the cop took it a little easy on me and didn't give me a speeding ticket. I wasn't going extremely fast, but I was ready to be home to say the least.

My final detour had me en route for a surprise visit to my girlfriend, Elaina, at St. Mary's College where we both went together. She had no idea and was really excited to see me!!

Today I headed closer to home and stopped at my parents house. Decided I wanted to fish our lake today and tomorrow to try for some big crappie in this cold weather.  Caught 8 over 12" today in about 1 hour of really trying. Gonna try to get my limit of 50 for the month for kayak wars tomorrow.


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