Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 8 - Port St. John Flats Boat Charter

So I decided to switch it up for the day as the forecast was less than promising with building winds all day. Figured the kayak would be tough to catch fish out of, let alone just kayak around.

Thick fog all day long with a stiff North wind that grew to 20-25 mph by noon.
I did some searching on the www and came across Cocoa Beach Sportfishing Charters and they looked like they ran a very professional business and the rates for a inshore trip were better than any other local charters. So I got in touch with Capt. Beau Sheridan yesterday afternoon and we were able to set something up for this morning, which was awesome for such short notice!

We launched at 6:45am from the Port St. John ramp on the Indian River, we fished much further south than I had the last two days and the water was much cleaner. Although the weather was pretty miserable. We launched into a thick fog that covered the whole river and lasted much of the morning until it lifted for a brief period before returning.

There was a steady North wind when we launched that continuously grew as the day went on, it got quite cold and wet from the foggy mist.

With not so favorable fishing conditions we hit the water in search of some keeper trout and some redfish. We fished topwater and the typical gulp on a jig head while drifting over some flats and we hit some creeks, coves and canals. While in one of the coves and actually the one with the least amount of bait present I was able to hook up with a nice redfish on topwater. It wasn't as big as the last few I've caught this week, but it made some good runs and bent my Overboard Rod for a solid little fight. It measured in at about 22". Of course before I even thought about keeping it we got a picture and tossed it back. Silly me, I was hoping to get some fillets for my Grandpop for letting me stay at his place all week here in Melbourne, FL.

22" redfish caught on a storm topwater popper in a shallow mud flat

We did a number on the small speckled trout, I caught about 12-15 up to 14 inches, but they needed to be 15 inches to keep. Beau also caught a good amount along with a ladyfish, but I think I out did him lol... I told him he must be doing to much guiding and not actually fishing enough so he has lost his touch a little.

Packing up the boat at the end of the day
Overall, we had a great time, Capt. Beau was great and we really hit it off and I think we both enjoyed the trip even though the conditions were tough and the big fish just weren't cooperating. He runs a great business and for anyone that is going to be in the Cocoa Beach or Orlando area you should definitely give him a shout. He runs 3 boats, an inshore flats boat, a center console for nearshore and offshore, and a offshore boat, so he has you covered for whatever type of fishing your looking to do. Click on of the two links above and his website will have all the info you need on rates and types of trips.
We also saw a lot of manatees today, they are huge, docile creatures.

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