Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 9 - Jacksonville, FL with Overboard Fishing Rods Owner Sean Abbey

Another day of less than stellar weather but we trudged on.  I fished today with Sean Abbey, the owner of Overboard Fishing Rods, which I am very fortunate to be a pro staff member. He is also a lisenced guide and tournament angler on the redfish circuits. We launched on his flats boat in Clapton Creek in Jacksonville, FL because the wind forecast was not favorable to fish from the yaks.
Two of my Overboard rods that I used today. Did I tell you yet the rods float with the reel, great for you kayakers and boat fisherman out there.
Our fishing platform for the day.
The tide was an extreme flood so we predicted that the reds would be deep up in the grass so we casted up to the grass line for a retrieve over the oyster beds, which Sean knew exactly where everyone was. We were your a spinner arm with a jig head and white or glow colored artificial.
Sean switched over to a topwater for a few casts and was rewarded with a chunky trout about 23".


Sean used his home court advantage completely he snagged up the only red we caught all day about 22-23".

I was deemed the "Trout Magnet" today by Sean, I caught about 10-15 trout from 6" -16". We caught a bunch of keepers today but we threw everthing back.
Thanks for everything Sean and I look forward to fishing with ou again!!

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