Sunday, April 8, 2012

Product Review: Yak Attack GunnAll Skin PART 2

Gave the GunnAll Skin a run for its money this weekend while at the Kiptopeke Concrete Ships and it stood up to the test.

***Remember this product is still in the final testing stage***

I still got some gashes in my kayak, but only in areas that didn't have the GunnAll Skin. It truly is tough!

Protection Score : 10/10 (Don't really know what else to say...ITWORKED!!)

My only issue with the product is most likely due to the fact that Yak Attack's manufacturer is still working out the kinks of producing a consistent mass product, or maybe Luther intentionally sent out strips with different thickness for testing... I'm not too sure... but anyways I had put the thicker strips at the bow of my Pro Angler.

When applied they conformed to the curve and contour of the kayak, but after letting the kayak sit for 2 weeks the top of the fold had come off the kayak. I think it was due to the thickness and it just wasn't that flexible. I still fished with it this way, but it didn't look very good.

After my return home I pulled these sheets that had become unstuck, for the lack of better terms, off the kayak. It is good to know that the strips can be pulled off without any residue, even after two weeks of being applied and after a fishing trip. I trimmed off the top which had lost their stickiness after exposure to the salt water and barnacles and reapplied the skin that was still good and sticky back to the side of the yak. It reapplied perfectly.
You can see here on the left the skin has peeled on the top of the yak.

Production Score  : 7/10 (Remember it is just being tested and will most likely be improved greatly before final mass production)

Tyler also had some GunAll skin on his Tarpon 16 and I think we was very happy with the way it performed as well, minimizing the amount of gashes in the plastic.

Overall, I'm convinced this is the product you want to use to protect your investment!! It will only get better from here too. Props to Luther on the new product, which I definitely think will be a hit!!


  1. Hi Matt. Looks like a great idea! I'm outfitting my PA so will check it out. Don't recall seeing that while online shopping.

    Any update? It's been 11 months since this review.


    1. This was a prototype, so I was helping test the product. It does work but Luther decided to not go into full production because he wasn't able to couple up with something that was lighter and still provided the same protecttion. But I bet he still has some left over in his shop if you think you might be interested. His email is