Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fishing Report - 4/7 + 4/8 - Kiptopeke, VA

Kiptopeke definitely has to be one of the coolest places to kayak fish in the world. Not every fishing spot do you get to fish next to or even inside of old ships from the World War era. A pretty surreal experience at least the 1st two trips I've made there.

Day 1:

It was my 2nd time there, with my first trip only being last December where I caught my 1st Tautog ever, let alone a from a kayak. This trip I met up with my friend Tyler "MDFishin",  whom grew up down the street from me and we went to grade school together up through High School. We planned to fish all Saturday, camp that night, and fish the morning on Sunday. Also, met up with Don "Shield" who was gonna fish for just Saturday.

Saturday- Tyler got on the water around 8am, welcomed by stout winds and waves from the north, creating a solid chop all around the ships. I showed up around 11:30am along with Don, also greeted by some wind and waves, but it had died off some from earlier and was supposed to decrease into the afternoon.  We hit the ships hard, both literally and figuratively, testing my new Yak Attack GunnAll Skin and fishing every crack with our hand tied Rob Choi rigs and Blue Crab quarters. 

On the way out we ran into Pinch, Grilled Sardine, and Yakfisher. They had caught some fish in the morning, but it was relatively slow.

It continued to be slow for all three of us, as well as the other yakers on the water. We got nibbles but just couldn't seem to connect. "Must be all baby fish down there!"

Tyler and I eventually found a hole where we were both getting consistent bites, and........ BAM finally I hooked up. Tyler was yelling and I was yelling, but I think he might have been more excited than me. Got it up to the surface and it looked huge, but it only ended up measure 16.5 inches, but I we were STOKED regardless of size. One of has had finally caught one.

The day ended so calmly with a beautiful sunset and we both were able to get some cool shots of the sun setting on the ships!!

That evening Tyler and I camped (we really just slept in our SUVs) there at Kiptopeke, cooked up some hamburgers and our two Tog filets and rinsed it down with the quality taste of Natural Light Bottles!!!!

Day 2:

We both hit the water at about 7:45 am and fished until about 11am. A lot shorter day and a little more succesful. Hit all the holes again and Tyler was able to catch his 1st Kayak Tautog!!! I was able to catch my 2nd of the weekend and small female.

Tyler's was a keeper sized female, but his fish was realeased along with my smaller lady.

We hit the rode eventually to head back to the western shore of the Bay Bridge for me a solid 4 hour drive. Tyler stopped off at Assateague to do a little surf casting before he headed back to Salisbury.

Overall it was a great weekend on the water. Caught a few fish and I didn't get skunked either day so that was good and I was able to catch up with a friend I hadn't seen since High School... I think we'll defnitely be fishing a lot more these days!!

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  1. Nice fish guys! And congrats Tyler on the first kayak tog!