Monday, June 10, 2013

Year of the Croaker

So after such a dismal few years of croaker they may be making a comeback this year. I've been out now two times with in the week and yesterday it all came together. A big shot out to my buddy Langston "Metroman" for clueing me in on where he found some fish a week and a half ago.

Anyways I set out last night to fish the tail end of rising tide on the Severn River. After my 1st not so successful attempt with only bloodworms I picked up some raw shrimp this time. Bait of choice was BW and Shrimp cocktail.

The action was pretty steady until just after dark when I called it quits. I was using a standard top/bottom rig with size 2 or size 1/0 hooks, some with spinners others without. Hooks didn't seem to make a different, but the shrimp definitely did.

I ended up catching about 25 croaker and a few perch from 13-22 feet of water. Most of the croaker were keepers and the biggest went 14". I was using my PVC rod holders and allowing the rod to double over before I set the hook, I did miss some fish, but this allowed me to fish two rods. I had a number of double hook ups as well.

The only two that measured for Kayak Wars, but still a great time on the water.
Good luck to those that get out after them, maybe you'll see me out there.
Once again all fish caught on Overboard Rods!!! Get yours today at All Tackle in Annapolis!!

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