Monday, June 10, 2013

June Meet and Greet - Mattawoman Creek

This past Saturday was the Maryland Kayak Fishing/ monthly meet and greet where everyone gets together to fish a different location at the beginning of each month.

Mattawoman is usually one of the most popular M&G's as there is a variety of species to catch including the elusive Potomac Pike or better known as the Snakehead.

I set off from Annapolis at 5am in caravan with Shane "Reelaxin" and Elaina riding shotgun with me. My Dad was planning on meeting us there with the PA 12, so Elaina and I would be riding tandem on the PA 14. She volunteered to be my guide for the day, so there was no chance I was passing up on that opportunity. I equipped the back of the PA with my Yeti Coolers 35qt, which would double as a seat and a casting platform.

1st goal of the day was to try for some bass and snakeheads, then anchor up so Elaina and I could both catch Catfish. So I stood on the casting platform and targeted the fish while Elaina got me in position to make the perfect cast. It was pretty much a dream come true. I only ended up get one bass fully in the boat and lost another nice fish about 19". Both were hooked and fought from the top of the cooler which was cool in itself. Surprisingly, it was super stable!!

15.5" bass caught on a Rebel Magnum PopR in Bone Color
At one point we pushed back into and opening in the pads and both threw some topwater for bass. That is when I caught the fish above. Elaina had a blow up on a Frog but it came unconnected, but that got her going and ready to catch more fish, so made our way to the catfish spot, where we used bloodworms on a top bottom rig.
It was a fun day on the water!!! Unfortunately we couldn't attend lunch as Elaina had a wedding to attend that evening so we had to get home, but it seemed like everyone else had successful days as well.
My dad ending up catching a 20" Largemouth so he was super excited about that!! All his fish were also on  Overboard Rods, that I got him for his birthday. They make great gifts for your angler in the family.

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  1. I was wondering when I seen you launch if you were gonna take a swim being back there Im glad it work out. Always nice to have a guide