Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Yak Fishing Two-A-Days

So for the start of the month I decided to try to get a headstart on the competition for the new Kayak Bass Fishing Regional Challenges!! Three days straight of two trips a day pretty much strictly targeting Largemouth Bass.

Didn't get quite the lead I wanted but I managed to catch a good quantity of fish and really worked my butt off to scrounge up any with decent challenge size.

I fished each day from about 11am-2pm and then 4pm-8pm and it was tough going. I really couldn't find a really consistent pattern. I caught fish on everything, but I wasn't get a lot of fish and barely any with size. I decided to work with new baits and they proved to work but nothing was as productive my go to Rapala Cranks.

I caught fish on on spinners, topwater popper, 6" plastic swimbaits, Bust Em Baits finesse worms, and the cranks.

Here are my two largest fish from the weekend. I really hope to improve on them coming up in the next few weeks. I think I have a good chance to consistently place in the regional series with the fish I have been able to catch this year as long as I can consistently find them for the next four months.

I was able to manage a Kayak Wars slam with bass, crappie, and bluegill on Saturday and I was pretty excited about that because it is tough to catch a 9" bluegill!!

I'll be back at it soon!!! I really hope to qualify for the KBF Invitational Tournament through these regional challenges!!!
Oh yeah, I wasn't even using my normal rod because the last guide broke on me. So I borrowed my roommates custom spinning rods made by Ken Preston. Super nice rods but not what I was used to and the butts were a little to long for easy kayak usage, but I still caught probably over 60 on them this weekend. I did also manage to sink one of his rods with my reel on it.....

Luckily, I fished for it and was able to snag and recover it.... Don't tell him.... just kidding I couldn't not tell him because I was so proud of myself that I was able to snag it. I bragged first thing when I brought his rods back in the house.


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  2. Thanks!! Chuck will your be fishing the Fresh or Salt at TKAA?