Thursday, June 21, 2012

Slow/Slim Pickings.....Freshwater Tails

It's been a struggle lately to get some quality fish in the yak for the start of the KBF Regional Challenges. Been catching fish every outing on my home lake, but it has really taken a very persistant approach with only small-medium fish as a reward.

I know that the more time I put on the water that I will be rewarded eventually with some quality Largemouth Bass. And this has kept me chugging along hoping that the more times my line is in the water the more likely I am to catch a lunker!!

The last two weekends I've spent a total of 6 days on the water with double digit number trips. Yielding a number of fish using a number of different tactics trying to get a consistent pattern and trying to practice some new techniques....

Largest Fish from the trips 16.5"

Gonna keep working at it.... I got two more weekends left to catch some more fish and hopefully take over the top spot from Turtle135, who has caught some really nice fish for our area. The competition in the Mid-Atlantic region is gonna be tough and its is exciting to see everyone catching nice fish!!!!

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  1. I feel your pain Matt - I've been out no less than 4 times in the last two weeks and the largest bass boated has been 15". No worries man, they'll come!!