Monday, December 1, 2014

Hoo-rag : The Better Bandana

Sun protection is of utmost importance in our sport and Matt and I have found a product that really helps us out every time we fish. Hoo-rag is the next generation of sun protection bandanas and they are always coming out with cool new designs to set you apart from the crowd on the water. I was able to test out a few of these over the past year from spring and summertime fishing for Stripers and Specks, to cool weather Pickerel fishing recently. Any time of year, a must have piece of gear is my Hoo-rag.

Today 12/1/2014 is Cyber Monday and all their products are on sale here:

I have the Spot Spectrum, Inshore and Offshore Slamo Rags pictured below:

Some of the Product features include:

-UPF rating of 20-30 depending on specific style
-Free Shipping on Every Order!
-Many different ways to rock the rag
-Over 100 Different styles to choose from
-A great price point, which makes getting a few of these affordable while not sacrificing quality (usually $5-$10 lower than most of the competition)
-Custom Hoo-rags available for your specific company or design

Oh yea and I've caught plenty of fish rocking them:

Do yourself a favor and get a few!


  1. That red fish tail design by Dead Weight Fly is the shit! Love that one!

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  3. Yea Dead Weight Fly makes some really cool designs, and it's pretty awesome that he teamed up with Hoo-rag!