Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pickerel Paper!!

Welp the pickerel were really hungry before the freeze tomorrow! Shane and I both got citation pickerel this weekend over 24"

First fish of the day, 23.5" Pickerel

Shane's 24" Maryland Citation Pickerel

Matt's 24.25" Maryland Citation Pickerel


Hard Head Custom Baits Weighted Spinner Hook with Bass Assassin 4' paddletail (Slammin Chicken)
Color: Purple or Silver 
Size: 1/8th or 3/16th oz

Hard Head Custom Baits Stand up Jig w/ spinner and a live minnow
Color: Red, Silver, purple
Size: 1/8th oz

Most fish were caught in the sunny areas where the water was 1-2 degrees warmer than in the shade. These fish were more aggressive to bite. The fish in the shade tended to follow, but actually bite much less. Most fish were caught just off a ledge or near fallen timber. I haven't used live minnows yet this year, but soon it will be cold enough to break out the minnows.

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