Saturday, April 19, 2014

DIY - PVC Rod Holders V2 -Pro Angler 12

So I was dumb and didn't secure my set up to the kayak... and of course it was only a matter of time that driving highways at speeds of 70mph+ that it was going to fly off and it did last weekend while driving to Piscataway Creek. Fortunately it didn't hit any cars or cause an accident.

So I decided to change the template for my rod holder set up to incorporate the things I liked and change the things I didn't.

1. Keep the trolling arms within the width of the kayak. My previous setup allowed for wider trolling, but it would catch on pilings, bridges, etc.

2. Move it a little further back, as the PA12 seat would be in the way of the vertical rods or vice versa.

3. Make the crabbing prop stick attachment easier to use without having to detach the trolling rod holder.


3 -  90 degree elbows
3 -  3-way connectors
2 -  4-way connectors
2 -  90 degree street elbows
2 -  1 1/2 to 1 1/4 downsizers
2 -  1 1/4 pieces to fit in existing rod holders
2 -  1 1/2 pieces 4" long
2 -  1 1/2 pieces 5.25" long
1 -  1 1/2 pieces 6" long
2 -  1 1/2 pieces 10" long (trolling rod holders)
2 -  1 1/2 pieces 1" long
2 -  1 1/2 pieces 7" long (vertical rod holders
Lots of stainless screws (I put 4 screws at each connection) *definitely over kill
Spray paint color of your choice

So I do need to make some minor adjustments in order to get the vertical bases directly over te scupper holes to allow the cart to fit. So I will trim the outer 4-way connector pieces by about 1/2" and then get a new piece for the middle that is about 1" longer. But it works for now. Where I will be fishing this week doesn't require a cart. 

I will also need to file down some of te edges on the rod holders. 

I use the existing hobie bungees to hold the rod holders in place, this should prevent me from losing it again. 

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