Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Speckled Trout Video First Post

Matt, Dave and I had a great few days on Maryland's Eastern Shore fishing for Specks. I have been filming with my GoPro since Annie got it for me but haven't really put together an edited version of one of my trips yet until now. The action came in flurries and there were no shortage of large Trout caught with 7 Maryland citations between our group! Look out for a few speckled trout recipes made this week as well. This video shows a portion of the action and also shows my disappointment after losing a big one!

Ever since getting my first kayak, I was instantly hooked and fishing on a Hobie is a great experience! I really look forward to sharing more information about one of my passions in life, Fishing. Thanks Matt for the platform of The Hobie Life to do so! Stay Tuned!


  1. you should consider not using the lipgrip, as you can see, that thing punctured the fishes mouth bigtime

  2. You really shouldn't use hooks either. Totes not good for the fish.

  3. GREAT vid, Shane!
    KUDOS, Jane D

  4. NICE vids Shane, you make your Uncle proud!. This does exactly what is intended. Makes we want to go FISHING!