Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Picking for Points Today

Was able to get on the board today for Kayak Wars with a few Pickerel. I got 5 in the boat between 15.5" and 17.75".... I also lost another 2 next to the boat.... plus I'm pretty sure I lost another fish (the same fish) 3 separate times during the trip.

It was the 1st fish I hooked and it came unbuttoned next to the boat with a good headshake. Went on and fished the rest of the area and stopped back again on the way in... Pretty sure I hooked it again and yet again it got off at the boat.... Then I was determined to have one more chance.. I hooked on the largest minnow in my bucket hoping a big meal would entice the fish to eat for a 3rd time... and of course it did, but it got off again with a fiesty head shake at the boat.... So after all this I'm convinced I need a net.. This fish was easily over 22" which would have been my personal best pickerel. 

Oh well I plan to go get it tomorrow. It's war now.

Here are a few fish and other pictures from today. Everything was caught on a 1/16 oz red jig head with live minnow hooked through the lips with an ultra lite Overboard Rod. Had a lot of late bites today close to the yak, but I was able to connect with every bite!!

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