Saturday, September 22, 2012

Spots at the Oasis

They always said in school growing up to "not read a book by its cover", so with this title above I'm sure a lot of different things are going through your head wondering what's this post gonna be about this time.

1. Actually finding a big enough spot for kayak wars.

2. Puppy Drum in the Severn

3. Specks in Delmarva

4. Who knows what else, you probably have a more creative mind than myself

So I'll start you off with this, I fished a place yesterday that will be given the pseudonym "Oasis" to protect its secrecy for the fellow fisherman who was gracious enough to allow me to join him. These two fisherman will also remain nameless and will go by the alias "Rock" and "Fish" to aid in telling the story of a great day of fishing.

The story starts with me being about 30-45 minutes behind Rock and Fish on the road and getting to the water. When I finally made a quick unload and hit the water it took me about 20-30 minutes to find them on the water and they were alreadying bailing in fish every other cast. We used the typical assortment of gulps, jig heads, hawg shads, and attempted to use some peeler crab.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you we were fishing for speckled trout!

I'll let the pictures tell the story....

1st fish on 1st cast

6 inch flounder

Puppy drum completes my TKAA Slam
So that wasn't a picture of every fish I caught I wouldn't want to bore you all that much. I finished the day with around 14-15 specks all keepers that were released for another except one that was gut hooked and was most likely not going to make it... so I took it home to make some tacos today.
Of course the story isn't over yet... Rock was fishing two rods at once making a slow drift/troll when he got the 1st hit.... while reeling in the 1st hit.... BAM Strike 2 and this fish ripped the rod out of the rod holder and started pulling the rod instead of pulling the drag. Rock courageously dove in after the rod (a rod and reel he just bought 2 days ago) and was able catch it, while holding on the other rod too. He came up from under the water with 2 rods high over head and bent meaning both fish were still on. Fish rushed over to grab one of the rods. They were both able to land the fish and the fish that ripped the rod out of the holder was a FAT 23 incher.

Also, towards the end of the day I made a cast with a pink Hawg Shad w/ a red jig head.... on the drop a 10" striped bass... Next cast to the same location BAM.... on the drop a big hit... I fought it for a while and eventually was able to see what it was... A FAT Trout... I kept it fighting and below the surface so it wouldn't jump and spit the hook, while Fish was rushing over with the net.... I led the fish to the net!!! We were in the money!!!!!!!

24.5" 6lb Citation Trout!!!!

I also caught a striped bass around 22" on a topwater lure before the wind picked up too much, but I lost it boat side... I was pretty pumped because it would have been my 1st keeper striper of the year, I just haven't targeted them at all.

The day was a blast!!! Thanks to Rock and Fish for letting me join and I can make it out there to the Oasis again soon!!

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