Friday, May 11, 2012

Show Me the Paper!!!

Managed two citations today! It was a great day on the water. An abundance of bass and crappie all evening!! Bass were caught on a DT 6 baby bass crankbait!!

#1 - 21.75" and 4lbs 8oz.

#2 - 21.25" and 5lbs 6oz


  1. Congrats Matt - we have to have either 22" or 8lbs. here in VA. I came close last year with a 21 1/2".

  2. Thanks... yeah it is 21" in MD (Yall got bigger bass than us haha), they don't use weight for any species.

    I just got a scale and I'm suprised at the weight of the fish. While 5lbs 6oz is a healthy fish I would have estimated it weighed more.

  3. Looks like your on them again. Good job Matt!

  4. Nice Work man!!! keep it up