Tuesday, November 26, 2013

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for a Kayak Angler

Here are of few gift ideas put together by Shane and I for any kayak angler, beginner or pro. Forward the list to your wife and family members and you'll be all set for the 2014 kayak fishing season!!


Overboard Rods

Of course we are big fans of Overboard rods!! We truly feel they are the best value on the market. You can get a standard cork split grip built to your specifications for around $80-100 and you can get the floating Bobber series rod for $120, or customized for a little extra.

Tackle Webs

Another awesome product made by a company based in Florida. Capt. Mike Ortego has solved the issue of storage for the kayak angling population. They offer packages built for specific kayak models and individual storage options to allow you to customize your storage options.
Price Range: $24.99 - $44.99

Kanan Lures

Some of most killer lures to break onto the market in the last year or two. My Kanan Aqua Relic Fatty swimbait single handedly help me solidify my finish at the 4th and Final MAKBF event, where I was eventually able to garner Angler of the Year honors. Use the code "FAT15" and save 15% of Aqua Relic Fatty Lures (Regular price $14.95). Also, all you snakehead and Potomac River Rats check out the newest addition to the line up, Top water Frogs!!!
My personal favorite Kanan Lure. The Aqua Relic Fatty "Blaze Shad".

AFTCO Transom Bibs

The bibs are absolutely one of the most useful pieces of fishing gear/clothing that I own. Whether it is cold, raining, or snowing I wear these bibs on almost all of my fall through spring fishing trips. Extremely comfortable, breathable, and durable. Also, have some great pockets for storage.
Price: $149.99

Dizm Sunglasses

Dizm is an awesome eco friendly company that puts out a great product. All there sunglasses are polarized and they have a number of different models. Price: $95
My buddy Morgan, from TLTFF, here rockin' his Dizm's.

Bust 'Em Baits

A local Pasadena, Md company that makes fish catching plastics. They make the #1 jerkbait for stripers in any color imaginable. Also, they make 3.75" paddle tails that are killer for stripers and speckled trout!!! Brandon and CJ are also avid kayak anglers so support your fellow plastic pirates.
Price: $3.50 for a 6 pack

The new 3.75" Paddle Tails from Bust 'Em Baits

12 WT Gloves

The best light weight fishing gloves on the market. They offer a SunWt and a WorkWt model, with the WorkWt having added grip protection on the palm.
Price: $29-$39

Astral Buoyancy Kayak Shoes

Both offerings, the "Brewer" and "Rassler," are great choices for a paddle shoe. They can also be worn for all other tasks like walking or hiking with their lightweight and durable features. Also, be on the lookout for Astral's new fishing PFD set to hit the market early 2014.
Price: $99-120


 The Fish Grip

A perfect stocking stuffer!! You can never have too many either. Come in all different colors and they are easy to use. Grip strength is top notch and they truly help you not lose the fish before you get the picture.
Price: $11-$15

State Flag Headwear

Another item made by a fellow kayak angler. These are custom buffs with the Maryland Flag logo, and everyone know Maryland has one of the coolest state flags. They offer both the UV and the Polar Buff.
Price: $23-$28

  Happy Holidays from The Hobie Life Crew... be sure to click the links and check out the products...


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Deep Creek Weekend

This past weekend Annie and I loaded up the kayaks and headed to stay with her family at Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland. We stayed at a family friend's lake house that has a great location right on the lake. It's a beautiful Timber frame home with artistic detail in all the woodwork.

Last time we were here was in June of 2010 and I got skunked the one day I fished so I wanted redemption. My room was overlooking the lake on the bottom floor of the house and it fit me perfectly. It was completely fishing themed from the bed spread, to the hand painted trout sink.

Saturday morning came fast with my alarm set for 5:45a.m. I waited for the sun to come up for at least 45 minutes and rigged my kayak until it was light enough to see how I was going to get down to the water and shimmy the Hobie over the wall at the water. I went directly across the lake to a cove I had scouted out. I had some minnows left over from pickerel fishing in the Severn and used them on an 1/8 ounce jig head paired with a 6' Overboard light rod and a Shimano Sahara 2500 reel. Within about 5 casts to the wooded shoreline I got the skunk off the yak with my first pickerel from deep creek!
Over the next 2 hours I caught a few more pickerel and got my personal best from the yak at 22.5"!
Before I went in for breakfast I got a small yellow perch which was a first for me on the Hobie. During the afternoon we went for a hike to swallow falls state park which was an easy 2 mile hike only about 15 minutes away from Deep Creek.

Later in the day four of us headed out on our kayaks for a late afternoon peddle and paddle and I couldn't help but cast a line in for about 30 minutes. This time I was throwing a 4 inch pumpkinseed tube on a weighted tube hook. I was able to hook into a few more pickerel and then I got a bite that felt different from all the rest, it didn't feel huge, just different. As soon as I saw it close to the yak I knew it was a good sized yellow perch. I brought it aboard for a quick picture and then released the 12.5" perch.
The next morning was daylight savings time and I took advantage of sleeping in a little bit but still getting a few hours of fishing in before packing up to leave. My biggest pickerel was 21" which is a pretty solid sized pickerel after usually catching smaller ones in the Severn. I really wish I had more time to explore other areas of lake and target different species. I never tried the medium depth ledges and mainly stayed towards shorelines in 10'-4' of water. Target species for next trip are walleye, more perch, and hopefully a pike! We'll be staying at the house again for a week in June so I'm sure the bass will be in the shallows and I'll have to find some new patterns!